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Class Forms Session Time Members/Non-Members
Puppy:   Puppy classes are for dogs aged 8 weeks to 5 months. Our instructors will help you learn to control your puppy's behavior and teach your dog some "household manners", such as walking on a loose leash, not jumping up on people and beginning ... 2018 Puppy Application
Advanced Puppy:   This class is designed to build on the foundation skills learned in puppy class. We continue to work on skills while at the same time making this fun for both you and your puppy to learn. We believe that personalized attention for each student is ver... 2018 Advanced Puppy Application
Beginner:   This class is designed for dogs 5 months or older to learn basic obedienceskills. Dogs may be graduates of a Puppy class or just starting their formal training. At this level of training, we believe that personalized attention for each student is ver... 2018 Beginner Application
Trick Class:   Tricks and GamesAlong with being entertaining and fun, teaching your dog tricks is a great way to strengthen the bond between handler and dog.  Tricks class will help you teach your dog exercises to keep his body and his brain busy!Starting with...      
Obedience/Rally Foundation:   The Obedience/Rally Foundations is designed to introduce the student to the rally (all level of signs and courses), and beginner novice. In addition time will be spent working on exercises to use in keeping your dogs focus and attention on you a... Drop-In 7:00 pm 0.00 / 8.00
Advanced Beginner:   Advanced Beginner provides a comfortable environment to continue perfecting the skills taught in the Puppy and Beginner Obedience classes. As the dog/handler team learn to work as a team, they are able to incorporate more advanced skills into their t...      
Rally:   The Rally run-thru class allows the handler/dog team to practice individual run-thrus as would be found in a trial situation. Each week a new course is set up incorporating signs from all 3 levels of Rally.  There are instructors on hand to help... Drop-In 7:00 pm 0.00 / 8.00
Novice Ring Ready:   Novice Ring Ready is designed to perfect the skills necessary for the handler/dog team to compete at an AKC obedience trial at the Beginner Novice or Novice level. UKC Novice Obedience is also discussed as another option for showing. The class offers... Drop-In 7:00 pm 0.00 / 8.00
Open:   The Open class held at 8pm is designed to teach the skills necessary for the dog/handler team to enter an Open or Graduate Novice class at an Obedience trial. Instructors will guide the students with suggestions and critiques, as well as provide oppo... Drop-In 7:00 pm Run-Thru 0.00 / 8.00
Drop-In 8:00 pm 0.00 / 8.00
Utility:   The Beginning Utility class is designed to teach the skills necessary for the handler/dog team to enter a Utility class and/or Graduate Open (Optional Titling Class) at an Obedience trial. The class offers critiquing, suggestions, and guidance to hel... Drop-In 7:00 pm 0.00 / 8.00
Conformation:   Conformation classes teach the conformation ring newcomer correct handling, grooming and baiting techniques. Even the seasoned handler finds great value in attending these classes. This class offers critiquing/suggestions, as well as the opportunity ... Drop-In 8:00 pm 0.00 / 8.00
3 WEEK CGC PREP CLASS:   ...      
FVDTC cares about its member families. If you know of someone in the hospital, or someone who has lost a loved one, let us know.
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